FAQ - Portail de réservation VisiFair

Dernière mise à jour: 16.03.2023
Aperçu du portail de réservation: Customer Journey
Why is it not possible to register with account data and password?

After successful registration in the system, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. This must be activated accordingly. You can then log in to the VisiFair booking portal.

Where can I find the event code?

You will receive the event codes for booking to an event via the logistics notes of the respective event.

Which loading zone do I have to book? What does the abbreviation a/b/c on the loading zone mean?

For Halls 1 to 6, a distinction is made between an a-side and a b-side. The a-side stands for the southern area, the b-side for the northern area.
For Halls 21 to 23, a distinction is also made between a and b sides. Here, the a-side is the eastern side and the b-side is the western side.
For Hall 26, sides a, b and c are distinguished. Side a concerns the middle of the hall, side b the western side and side c the southern side.

Are there any exceptions for a longer vehicle stay on the exhibition grounds for set-up and dismantling?

No, the time slots offered per event specify which stay times can be booked depending on the vehicle size. An individual adjustment is not possible.

Why do loading zones cost money?

In order to enable our customers to plan stress-free and on schedule in the future, we will offer this service in the future. By booking a time slot in advance, endless traffic jams are avoided, as it is no longer a case of - frist come first serve. Overall, traffic peaks are smoothed out and the overall traffic situation is optimized.
We are also using this system to prepare for the upcoming challenges of the next few years, as the autobahn interchange at the Funkturm is being reconstructed under full load. This requires a well-rehearsed logistics process.

What are the penalties for not leaving the exhibition grounds/loading zone on time?

Vehicle drivers will be notified via SMS of the end of their booked loading zone. If the vehicle does not leave the loading zone or the Messe Berlin grounds afterwards, Messe Berlin reserves the right to have these vehicles towed away for an appropriate fee.
Furthermore, the issuance of fees is currently being examined, as the vehicle driver has exceeded his booked time slot accordingly.

Why is payment only possible by credit card and not by invoice?
On the system side, a confirmation of the booked loading zone incl. reservation or entry ticket is sent to the customer immediately after successful payment. Due to the immediate receipt of payment, this short-term conclusion is possible. If payment is made on account, the delay in receipt of payment would be too long, so that this conclusion would not be possible.